Powder Paint, Rain machine and Slow motion.

Powder Paint, Rain machine and Slow motion.



In september we produced a new music video for the white goose. We have worked with these guys on a few projects before including a short Documentary about the band, which screened on TV earlier this year.

The Theme the band wanted to see come to life in this new video was Prostitution. Our first thoughts was WOW! not an easy subject to film. We spent some time brain storming, developing and exploring ideas on how we could bring the song Release to life. The result was a combination of Powder paint, a rain machine and slow motion.



We filmed over a single day in late september. We shot over 5 locations, with a small crew of 4 and 1 cast member.

It was a full on day of filming, with many variables throughout the day. The 2 main variables being the scene with the powder paint and the scene with the rain machine. However both went really well, creating the desired effect and a lot of mess!


We filmed on 2 camera for the shoot. #A camera was the Sony Fs-700, This is a lovely camera with its key benefit being the capability of filming at 240fps at 1080p. #B camera was the Canon 7D, This came in useful for using on the Movi M10, allowing us to get smooth movement within tight spaces, as well as the big open spaces. The Movi M10 was supplied by Absolute Motion, who are a Colchester based Movi specialist. They work throughout the UK, so check them out!

Lighting we kept it simple with 1x Arri 1k Fresnel, 2x Arri 650w Fresnel, 2x LED panels. We hired some of the equipment for the shoot from the guys at CAMERAWORKS in London, they provide a great service for equipment hire.

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The project is due for release soon – So we will post it up on the website here as soon as possible



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